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Greetings from the sea My friends! Welcome to our website! We are excited to have you here! 

We are a traveling family who lives aboard a Westerly Sea lord. We have traveled safely since the pandemic and are currently still Covid free since twenty twenty. Follow our journey as we carefully avoid zombies and sharks. 

Would you like a fire dancer at your next event?
How about a fire walk?

Hey there! I am always looking for properties to host full moon fire ceremonies.
Ideally near the water so I can figure out transportation from the sailboat.
I am also available for private lessons and demonstrations.
Email me at firewalksnation@gmail.com
for more information

“We would rather own little and see the world. Then own the world and never see any of it.”

Alexander Sattler

Gift us a luxury

We are always counting our blessings, It takes a community to raise a child, and we thank anyone who made our life just a little more simpler. We would love credit for Uber rides/rental cars, a Family dinner outing, offer us an Air B and B stay, or donate your airline miles. Invite us for dinner and Ill cook a bomb ass meal!

Virtual Family society

Any contribution is greatly appreciated! We hope to build a vault full of great information, homeschooling support, sailing hacks and tips, Behind the scene of our work, and what ever else is suggested. Our travels are a dream come true because of our supporters.

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We left Texas the week covid blew up and we ultimately decided that sailing is social distancing and that we should continue to travel but carefully. It has been 2 years since we left Texas and it has been the most wonderful adventure! Follow our youtube and instagram for what living life on a sailboat during covid was like for us!