Best books for business owners to succeed.

Are you starting a business or dabbling with virtual income , or maybe affiliate marketing. If you are ready to change your life with confidence in mind these book recommendations will make your mind explode with motivation and confidence!

Virtual income isn’t easy, matter of fact if it were absolutely everyone would be doing it, yet so many fail and then never try again. They assume everything is a scam and well, thats just silly. Now! Yes 2k does seem a bit crazy to invest in a stranger that sent you a free webinar to hook you on purchasing their class. I get it. Its scary to invest in someone.. BUT! When you look at how much a semester of college costs then you can have a better mindset on whether it is a good fit for you and your business. Trust me when I say that I have invested in some shitty educators, but then again found some truly insightful and beautiful human being just trying to spread their experience and knowledge with the world so they can make money just like you! Ultimately , Their course, is their way of making money as another income source. Its a business model and I see why it is what it is, yet feels so saturated in todays market.

I want to say to those thinking about being course mentors that PLEASE don’t think that you can just make a course and then you can sell it to everyone and make millions. Please don’t be that person who sells general information. I am so sick of amateurs taking over my fb feed. If you want to be a mentor then become an expert first. Know what you are promoting with success under your belt. Don’t build your success from an amateur status.

With al that being said.. Here is a list of books that I highly recommend in order from favorite to most recent.

I am an affiliate marketer for Amazon and several other websites and I just want to be completely transparent about it. Yes, I do receive a small commission if you purchase anything if you go to amazon through my links. Therefore If you need to buy anything on amazon please do so after looking at these products so I can receive an amazon kiss 🙂

The first book I will recommend is the 4 hour work week. This book is so well written and gives you a wonderful perspective on why you are overworking your profession, How you need to minimize the hours you spend dedicated to trivial business tasks! How to avoid killing time with customer complaints and how to strive mentally through all the struggles.

The second book I recommend is a classic, Think and grow rich. I’m sure you have seen others recommend it , but have you read it? If not you should ! I actually read both these books as an audio book while sailing around in our sailboat. If you want to use an audio book instead CLICK HERE —

The third book I recommend is the Tools of Titans , It is broken into three sections: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. In each section, Ferriss’ own tips, routines, and habits are spliced in between interviews.

The 4th book I highly recommend is Mindset – The Physiology of Success–

Are you the type of person who’s content with your skills or resistant to change? Do you think your business does what it does and there’s no possibility you would succeed if you tried something entirely different? You are wrong…

You might find it liberating to learn that you do have the power to change these perceptions.

Dr. Carol Dweck, Ph.D., is a professor at Stanford who’s the pioneer of mindset research. She’s been studying the power of mindset for decades. and does a wonderful job with this book!

And the last book I recommend is how to win friends and influence people. This book is a real treat. A True classic that’s sold more than 30 million copies since it was released in 1936—making it one of the best-selling books of all time.–Words of wisdom–  If you want to change someone, avoid criticizing them. Criticism is often met with force; criticize someone and they’re likely to think worse of you and listen to you less.

Well, There you have it! The best books anyone could ask for when learning the mindset to success. I hope you enjoy these books and thank you for coming to my blog!

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