Boat Projects

Hey there! We have yet had time to fill in this part of our website. Coming soon we will be listing what projects we are currently doing, what projects we plan on doing in the future, and what projects we have done on our boat and other boats around our travels! For now this page is simple but in the future it will be full of useful information

What are we doing now?

Rebuilding the windless motor Unfortunately when we were sailing from Florida to Texas Our windless motor went out. John did his best to rebuild it but we ended up reaching out to a local shop because of some parts that were at risk of breaking which would ultimately leave us finding a part in a hay stack or to buy a brand new one coming soon!

Our Furler was bent so we bought a new one and have yet had two solid days of nice weather to install it.

Galley Refrigerator/freezer
Our Freezer was tiny and we had a shelf that seemed to hide everything we needed so we converted the shelf into a big freezer and cut a hole in the counter for a better access!

New Sails
Our poor sail! The Sacrificial cover ripped so we sent it in to be repaired. Apon return we did not inspect it and months later found several minor rips in the sail. So we had it patched up and a brand new one made ( which was the reason our departure date got pushed back!

Rebuild and Repaint out motor John rebuilds the top end and painted all the pieces to the motor, We also rebuild the transmission to a neighbor boat on our dock

Converting out forward head into a Shower
We removed our forward head and tank to make more room under the v berth and so we can take a shower separate from where we poop!

Our Journey is possible because we have amazing supporters !

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