Crossing The Gulf of Mexico, Arriving into mid Covid Panic in Pensacola Fl

Hello! Welcome! ARRRGGGGG!  

March 18th-  We crossed the Gulf OF Mexico!  As expected we had daily struggles such as the Auto Pilot breaking– (Links coming soon buyers beware of this product). What do Oil Riggs look like?, Our route charted  is for our patreons ( If you would like to support our travels please donate to our Patreons or towards my sons education through our Teachers pay teachers account.)  

For the protection of our planet we will not be sharing the names of the harbors on our open platform. Join our tribe if you are interested in joining and sharing beautiful anchorages amongst our private supporters from patreons 

You may have noticed the vault tab above .  This is a password protected area for our tribe. In here you will get exclusive videos for handyman rebuild ideas, crafting secrets, homeschool resources, anchorage/marina tips and secrets, bigger boat tips, access to a  Mechanical /Technician  help email. As time passes we will be adding more content into it. 

But! Back to the article!! 


It took 13 days to cross the Gulf of Mexico. We arrived in Pensacola early in the morning. Its amazing to think a year ago we were brand new sailors . Who decided to learn how to sail by buying a boat in Fort Lauderdale and then sail it back to Texas to wait out hurricane season and close loose ends and then cross the gulf again!! 

Here we are pulling back into Pensacola a year later with a whole lot more knowledge and experience under our belts. It was refreshing to see land again. To gain phone service and update our instagram and family that we had made it safely and that we were motoring under the same bridges that terrified us the first time around. We felt so good! Life was great! We were about to start an unimaginable lifestyle and all our hard work was about to be lifted into a dream of a lifetime.  

After getting settled into the same slip we were in last year we all chilled out in the cockpit, exhausted from the trip we ordered dominoes and walked to the local gas station for some cold beverages while we wait for the pizza. As we sat in the shower/laundry facility at the Pensacola Shipyard, we all looked at each other and smiled. We fucking did it. We made it full circle. We accomplished our dream to live a lifestyle that means something. We are at the beginning of a beautiful journey. And we are in an era where we can hopefully influence others to chase their dreams, and be consciously aware of our planets health. There is a lot of things we as humans can do much better. We want to be a part of a solution and less the problem. 


So as we settled into the comfort of accomplishing a major crossing  we all got sucked into the social media realm and got completely flabbergasted ( I love that word) by the covid panic that was becoming a world wide pandemic. We spent the next few days watching the numbers grow and the deaths increase. We played a daily “Guess the number of Covid infected” challenge  with Gene (IG: The boat pig )  as our host.  We read countless conspiracy theories, and images of the ghost towns in hotspots all around Austin explored empty grocery stores

A friend of mine went down town Austin Texas and took a series of photos of the downtown sot spot 6th street and took images on a Saturday night during quarantine time. They boarded the windows because of the large homeless community in Austin and 6th street is near by their main homeless shelter. 

Downtown Austin Covid-19 Quarantine

Those who know Austin well understand how serious this is. You can’t stop Austin from partying but the fact that they went to this extreme so fast made us as a crew sit down and re-evaluate our future. We had plans to visit national parsk, swim with dolphins, host fire walks and full moon burns. Our Crew mate was suppossed to be with us for the crossing but ended up joining us for however long he wanted too. He has a boat in North Carolina and the plan was to bring him closer by crossing the gulf and then meeting him over there after we did a half season in the keys and the bahamas,… Unfortunately as each day passed More things were shutting down. All public parks were off limits , the Dolphin research program we were joining was practicing social distancing and we weren’t sure what the best plan was.. We could potentially stay in pensacola, find a job on the ship yard, and wait out the chaos… But we decided we didn’t come all this way to be stationary. John has a compromised immune system so if he were to work he would be at a much high risk and that to us sounded silly. So we made a plan to fix some boat issues we came across while crossing the gulf, our Engine was giving us over heating issues, or sail was made a bit too small, and our auto pilot went out.. oh and a head issue that was fixed with a new pump. We sent the auto part to our friend Jake who we met in Houston but lives in Pensacola. He was kind enough to drive us to the stores for provisions and fuel ( For a little fire dancing time! He also made a video of that evening check it out here! ) 

The Grocery Store

Holy smokes! We return back to land and everything is cleared! people are wearing masks and gloves and standing in 6 feet  apart taped squares that lead into the store. Walmart was skimmed try and so was the comminsarry on base so we headed to publix. They seemed to be on the restocking day so we were able to get what we want. The lady tried to stop me from buying over 3 cans of fuel so I explained and begged to her that we are not hoarding and we need 3 cans to make a meal for our crew and to please by pass the soft limit knowing our current life style isnt what she is dealing with.  The manager gave us the go. The register lady looked sick. She was sweating a lot and wiping her forhead.. I begin to have an anxiety spike when I thought about sanitizing almost $400 in food…. 

Here is a little video I made for our viewers on instagram/ youtube. I try to keep my youtube a few months behind our travels but the topic was too hot to not take advantage of the number climb. 

So there you have it. We are continuing to travel

our original goal was to easily float through Florida and the keys and then dip into the Bahamas before going north to visit my sisters baby after being born in june ( perfect for waiting out hurricane season) and we have family in Connetticut and Maine. But by the looks of our current nations we wont be going up to New york.. Not if it continues to be ground zero. We are however going to work our way around florida and to North Carolina where we will drop off our crew member Gene and continue to float until its safe on land again

Thanks for reading this far! bare with me as I work through being grammatically correct at 4 in the morning. 🙂 

We leave Pensacola for some time on an abandoned Military Fort

While waiting for parts to come in the mail we decide to head out to Fort Mcree. 

To learn more about our adventure on Fort Mcgree Click here ( coming soon)

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