Do I need to use Click Funnels?

What is Click Funnels and who are their competitors.

Hello! Welcome! Thanks for coming onto my page! So I see that you are looking into working with click funnels but you want to know who are the competitors , Why it is a good asset to your business, and why is it so popular!

 Well, Here I am saving you from a whole lot of research time spent staring at your computer..

 So what is click funnels?

Click funnels is a program that gives the customers a proven and straight forward method to purchasing something from a business owner. It is simple and makes sure that the customer doesn’t get confused and abandon the cart. The ideal business target is to aquire a sale and collect an email so you can build a relationship with your customers. 

So in a nut shell, They collect visitors, who then become leads, and then hopefully customers.  I have attached a  photo below that walks you through what you are paying for when you become a click funnels member


What kind of business models are best for Click Funnels?

Honestly anything that has a product that you need to sell and could benefit from collecting email addresses.

How much does Click Funnels cost?

Click Funnels Claims that its Platinum plan is worth more than a 4-year college education (founder Russel Brunson actually gives students permission to drop out of school in one of his many videos!), and at $3,564 a year that would indeed reflect the actual cost of attending some European universities. So, is it really worth it and is it really the best option for you?

I came across ClickFunnels when reviewing a course I was taking called Legendary marketers. and have to say I wasn’t entirely convinced; everything felt so salesy and expensive. (Not Legendary tho.. That program had a lot of knowledge packed into a 15 day challenge for $7. It is 100% worth more than that price and is a really great motivator for the newbies in the feild. If you want to learn more CLICK HERE!

It’s also quite infuriating that prices are not shown on the ClickFunnels website (or, rather, main landing page). Instead, there are a ton of call to action buttons telling you to sign up for the 14-day free trial. Like I said, it’s all VERY salesy. So in a nut shell….  you’re looking at paying either $97/monthfor 20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages and 3 domains or $297/month for unlimited funnels and landing pages and 9 domains.





Who are their competitors?

Get Response

 Get Response is half the price of ClickFunnels and offers you so much more in the way of features, like email marketing and unlimited landing pages, for example. If you’ve got less than 1,000 contacts, you don’t need to spend almost $100/month for unlimited contacts. Instead, I’d recommend paying less and scaling up..

$49/month for 1,000 contacts

$59/month for 2,500

$79/month for 5,000

$95/month for 10,000


Groove Funnels

I really like Groove funnels!  They offer everything that Click Funnels offers and a bunch of apps that help better your business! They are newer in the competitors field but they have quickly escalated to one of the more repetitional softwares to use for business owners. Right now you can sign up for free 


Kartra is another common one because it has unlimited sales funnels.  I like Kartra because it has everything you need –website and landing page builder, lead database (CRM), email marketing and automations, opt-in forms, ticketing and live chat, video hosting and checkout forms. It provides you with a handy checklist and divides everything up into manageable steps, which are all laid out in a visual workflow.

Don’t even get me started on Click Funnels Shitty customer service..

A Click Funnels win..

Where ClickFunnels wins

Like with GetResponse, Kartra’s pricing also depends on how many contacts you have, whereas ClickFunnels comes with unlimited contacts.

Plans and Pricing

Prices start from $99/month for 2,500 contacts. Discounts are available on annual plans.



Builderall is pretty cool. It has a length  feature list of extras that click funnels or its competitors don’t offer-You can build your website, landing pages, all types of funnels, e-learning platforms, it also has a whole host of design tools available to you, including photo and video editing software.

Builderall is much more affordable than ClickFunnels, and it has a free plan.

Builderall’s Premium plan, which comes with all features and unlimited subscribers is just $69.90/month.

Monday is very helpful for those who are more tech savvy on their phone, on the go. The platform is visually appealing to the creative eyes and offers a lot of training for free when you become a member. I have yet to try this paltform but has heard lots of good things about this software and they have won some awards.


Well that is all My personal recomendations for alternative funnel softwares . If you are planning on Building a website, I would recommend WordPress . I have done Wix and other website builder programs but nothing compares to WordPress. Also, Yes I am an affilliate marketer who has taken the time to do the research on the questions people are asking , and I do receive a small commission off of any sales made through the traffic of my website. If you plan on purchasing from any of these companies please click to their website using my link so I can continue to support my family through my online work. Thank you so much for checking out my post and If you have any questions please dont hesitate to comment below. 

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