Top 5 best educational apps for your children

Alrighty ladies, Lets talk how our little ones and how you can stimulate their mind the right way. I know when I was a kid the TV was pretty much the cheap baby sitter. As I got older cartoons became less entertaining and as an adult I was a bit appalled by the morals behind kid shows. For example Callou or how ever you spelled that spoiled brats name basically taught kids to tantrum until they get what they want. And Dora The Explorer teaches kids to yell all the Time! Paw patrol teaches the same lesson every time. Every time the villain does something and one of the paw patrols decides that their impulsive decision is whats best to handle the situation and then it back fires and they feel sad about their failure and then someone else finds the right solution and everything is better.. Which isn’t too bad if Im being honest, Its just the same thing over and over again. 

As a Mother of a very gifted child I decided it was best to observe all the children programs and apps that were being promoted to me and decide if it held any value to my sons life. Many Many apps later I decided that these were my favorite. 


Tappity Inc

My son absolutely LOVES his Tappity apps! This is a science app for a wide range of age groups. Haley the main character has so much character and is a wonderful roll model. She is silly, and creative, and my sons adores her. He takes in everything that she teaches like a sponge instead of just mindlessly watching like TV programs sometimes do. He remembers what he learned because he can't proceed without the knowledge locked in. I love listening to what science or geographic facts he has learned from Haley. Tappity is just one of many programs they offer, They also have an app about plant life and another one about human anatomy. They price their member ship at $75 for the full which In my opinion is worth it. Their free version leaks out new lessons ever week too if your running on a budget. They are also hosting virtual science faits and other fun interactive activities for their tappernauts.

Challenge your child with this fun and easy app

Now doling is considered more of an adult app but to be honest it is suuuppperrrr easy for a kid to follow along as well. Since my son was a little bug I would change up the language on Netflix. Over the years I have learned that my son favors French and asian styled languages. We treat tablet time like its a retardment for good behavior so he is always super excited to play the apps on his tablet and he doesn't even realize they are educational. at 6 years old my son is already through a big chunk of Spanish, French, and Japanese. Its also a good app for the parent to be interactive with the tablet time and use the app to also teach themselves too! Doulingo has like 30+ languages that range from English to ---- and from ---- to English. They also have lessons from other languages ( for example French to dutch If you complete all the course you can opt to get certified as bilingual and is credited on websites like indeed.


Abc mouse is kids who struggle with reading. We tried out ABC mouse a couple years back but it was too easy and often boring for our little man who read at a first grade level in kindergarten. It is a really good app for the simple learners. They reward the children with tickets that will allow them to upgrade their hamster set up . Its a bit pricey but you can always try out the free trial and see if your kid loves it. My son was more interested in the hamster than the app but they do have a selection of things you can explore in the "Classroom" .
I want to express that this app still made my top 5 not because of any affiliate marketing but because the program itself is great for reading and basic learning skills. My son just happens to be beyond his years and this app did nothing for his cognitive development. I recommend it!

Youtube KIDS

The youtube Portal can take you into some strange places. However youtube kids is a gold mine for content. Youtube kids allows you to have control over what your children see. This can be a big relief for some moms worrying about scrolling the internet. Youtube kids provides protection so you don't have to worry about it. I was soooo upset when Netflix got rid of signing time and then Manny the builder. But luckily we were able to find some videos through youtube!

PBS kids

We all remember PBS kids right? Well that have a app that has a huge range of games and shows for the little one to play with. This app is educational with a lot of variety to pick from. We like to call this app the pleasure app because it isn't so hard driven to be exclusively educational. My son enjoys the math games they have available.

So there ya have it. These are my top 5 favorite children learning apps. Shout out to Tappity inc who gifted my son a free 1 year membership. We are excited to join the science fair! Thanks for checking out my blog! Please do me a favor and and check out these apps through the links . Every penny counts when it comes to hard core blogging! 

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