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Welcome to the Fire walking section of my website! 

I would like to start of with introducing myself. My name is Megan, I have frolicked with the circus folk playing with fire for many years now. I remember picking up my first Fire prop 8 years ago! I instantly Fell in love with the sound of dancing with fire and I am still Sooooo inspired to teach my passion with others. 

Currently I am a certified Fire walk instructor through  The Fire Walking center  . I was trained by a very wise man named Kevin Axtell   ( click name to link to his Instagram) . Kevin was mentored by Tolly Burkan who built the journey for many fire walk instructors today. 


If you are interested in learning more about my arts please continue to read below! 

I can also be booked to walk on coals for your show.

Photos Taken By David Snook

What happens when your comfort zone expands?

You experience a little fear, Maybe a little discomfort, and then the magic happens. You begin to feel gratitude that you participated, you will be buzzing with energy afterwards!  Think about the very first roller coaster ride you went on, Sure you were anxious maybe filled with trepidation? The roller coaster begins and your butterflies begin to flutter, But after that first initial drop you realize that this is totally fun!! This is the moment your comfort zone expands… 

We live to closely with our comfort zones, We know what we like and fear what we don’t know.. Simply to the point. Im here to teach you that fear is controlled and released through your mind. You can Accomplish anything you put your mind to when you learn to set your priorities and chase your dreams. Let me guide into the wonderful world of aparigraha—aptly the last of the Yamas in our eight-limbed path of yoga. If we are to awaken to the fullness of our being, we must learn to let go.


As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj says: “Such moments are most desirable, for it means the soul has cast off its moorings and is sailing for distant places. This is detachment—when the old is over, and the new has not yet come… There is nothing to be afraid of. Remember the instruction: Whatever you come across—go beyond.

The ‘beyond’ that aparigraha is moving us towards is the next stage of the journey in our eight-limbed path—the Niyamas. There is no place for fear there, for they teach only love. And so we must arrive with empty hands, our wings spread wide, with the faith that whatever awaits us is far better than whatever we had to let go of.

Well, I personally LOVE growth. I LOVE pushing boundaries and feeling the buzz of accomplishment rushing through my blood. That is the reason I want to share it with you! Join me on an unforgettable journey

I am qualified to Facilitate

  • Fire coal walks
  • Glass Walks

Other Empowerment activities– Such as

  • Board breaking ( with or without flame)
  • Rebar Bending 
  • Arrow throat snapping
  • Trust Falls
  • Fire Stick Ceremony Dance

And Also Teach Private Lessons for 

Flow arts such as Dragon, Staff, Levi wand Hoop and Yoga.

Or Book me for your private event!


If you are interested in Booking a Fire Walk Empowerment Seminar Please send me an email at 


If you would like to know more on how to become a Fire Walk instructor Also Email me (above) With the title Fire Walk Instructor Application

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