Feature of the Month

Thanks Keith for everything that you did for us!!

We replaced our Furler!

We went with a Selden Furlex 305s from Keith at All hands on Deck.

John and I always insist on learning and doing all of our boat projects by ourselves and this particular project we made a big oopsie! John had accidentally cut the wrong excursion and Keith went our of his way to find a spare hidden in his warehouse and also dropped it off to us at our marina! Keith is a life savor who has is great with open communication! When we had questions he had no problem with walking us through it and helping us find solutions when we needed answers! Check out our Youtube for our video on installing the furler! If you want a more detailed video on how we installed our furler, why we chose this one, and the mistakes we learned from you can unlock the full video in our Vault by joining our patreons.

If you don’t know what Patreons is it allows us to continue our travel by your donation. You can join a pledge or choose what ever you want to donate! We also will give perks for adventure exchanges or uber rides!

Check out our Youtube here!

Located in Kemah Texas!

                                     Email: Info@AllHandsRigging.com

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