The Ultimate Friendship-2022

The Ultimate Friendship

Welcome aboard!

Ahoy Mate! So John and I have an idea for an app that will benefit anyone who lives aboard a boat and is trying to find ways to make money virtually. We have been developing the apps structure for the past two years and are ready to start raising money to the cause! 

What is the app ?

Well, I cant give you all the details that makes it truly special and unique in fear that someone much wealthier than we are will snag the idea and make it their own. However, the idea is to develop a community of people with special skillsets and blend them with people who are interested in learning  how to do certain boat related projects, or searching for a skill set. There will be a three tier system that will provide 3 different perspective into the app. A free membership will allow you to build a basic profile, a content creator profile which will allow you to monetize on posting DIY Videos in sets. And Professional profile which will allow live aboards to find you and have access to your work/reviews. This membership will also allow you to be legally insured so you can find gig work in boat yards or marinas without getting in any trouble. 

Now, We must plan! –How to raise $20,000-$150,000 dollars to cover the cost of building this App. I have done a lot of studying on how to break down the expenses of building an app and man is it overwhelming!! 

So, Here is what we are asking for. 

We would like to raise $50,000 to begin the development of this app. We are raising money through our Patreons account. Once the ball begins to roll we will be sending through one monthly newsletter from the crew, Behind the scene photos of our travels, and first peak into our Youtube Videos. Once we have made $10,000 we will begin the development and share every step of the way with out following. 

If you are interested in having first dibs on a creator or professional account we will grant you a 2 year membership for free with a $100 donation to our Venmo :sailing spyridon– Attach the word T.U.S.C.



Angel Investors

We are looking for angel investors who will help us lift off the ground faster. If there is anyone in the boating community who builds apps , or businesses who would like to be added to our sponsor list please send us an email to with the title “Angel Investor” and we will be in contact with you Asap. 


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