How I made money Online During the pandemic revealed.

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Hello friends! How I made money online using my phone because I had no real internet access during Covid.

Hello again! Thanks for checking out my blog. You are here because you are looking for ways to make virtual income. I spent almost 2 years researching, and testing out new methods to making money online but it seemed like It was all a wash. I was feeling defeated and like I was sinking my family into a hole of debt. I Blew my budget on my first Shopify store without any return .. I built a website that was getting no traffic, I was spending endless hours engaging with apps Hoping that my content on several platforms would catch some traction. Honestly .. It felt terrible to fail my husband and family on this adventure I hoped would release me into Financial Freedom.

It wasn’t until Summer of the pandemic that I found something that actually turned in some profit , and now I have income coming in from several streams. I no longer have to worry about if products need to be exchanged for better trends , Marketing, or building an audience and can focus that energy on bettering my services and releasing my time spent on the virtual land. Now, don’t get me wrong.. I am still building an audience, working marketing, and looking for trends to sell but that now focused in an energy for extra instead of main source.

Curious as to how I did It? Well, The answer is Virtual Assistant work and Affiliate marketing.. Below I am going to categorize my income sources in which I hope you will take full advantage of. I highly suggest investing in your future instead of spending countless late nights researching and watching youtube channels until you find something that works for you. *cough cough — how I did it — and instead recognize the potential to increase your money opportunities faster rather than later because TIME IS VALUABLE and even tho you might think that the bigger package investments are a lot of money … It is comparably cheap if you research how much classes are at a University, And Time and money spent in colleges in order to get a degree and the results are to work your way out of debt. That being said.. You can always do what I did which was split test every opportunity until you spend the money that should have been spent on educating yourself into failing.. haha… true mood killer…

Hopefully you make the smarter route and take my word when I say that these programs that I actively promote are the best I have found so far, And they do have cheap or free knowledge on their youtube or other social media platforms. But the programs also take out the gritty crap information that are placed as fillers to grab peoples attention in the free social media land.

I hope I am not boring you now ! I won’t drag this post out too much longer. I want to end this with, Virtual money is real and with hard work can be extremely fruitful for the soul and the bank account. Below I have attached the links I love the most and have given me a rainbow of information that has launched me to my success. Are you ready?

These are my income streams

A 15 day challenge into Affiliate Marketing.



Virtual Assistant



Are you a small business who needs help?

As my services above are listed, I am a virtual assistant. I can help you with marketing, ads, finding your clients, emailing your clients, research, Blog or content creations, Brand awareness, and logo and graphic design work. Or if you have some ideas, we can talk further about it.

Just send me an email at If you would like to do business with me

My side hustles
Hello once again! My main side hustle is that I am a fire dancer and Fire walk instructor. I can lead groups of people across beds of coals, broken glass, I can administer group bonding activities that will empower your team and leave them buzzing for days. I am also a traveler who lives on a sailboat so If you are interested in coming aboard for a dinner let me know!


Side hustles you may be interested in.(2017 – 2019)
Back on popular demand. One of my virtual streams loooovess my side hustle content so here are some side hustles you may be interested in

Get paid to sleep

Check out this list of 55 side hustles

Here is another bulk list of side hustles <3

Get paid to loose weight!

Sell your dirty Laundry

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