How to Handle Motion sickness?

What Causes Seasickness On Cruises?

Motion sickness is the worst! It can very easily turn a good time into a horrifying one! According to our ocean experts, seasickness arises when your brain perceives a conflict between some key senses. Your inner ear controls your balance. It will register when your body is out of balance, such as when you’re standing on a boat rocking back and forth. But, when you’re on a boat, depending on what you’re looking at, your eyes are probably registering a relatively stable scene. This disconnect between what your senses perceive makes your brain unhappy, and triggers the release of certain stress-related hormones that can lead to symptoms commonly associated with seasickness.

What does the old salt say on the bay?

If you chat up older sailors they will explain the ear and balance however it can be even more than that..

If you have every looked up vertigo the symptoms resemble the feeling motion sickness. It has to do with your head reaching out to balance. Often times unknown things can rock our mental health if can cause us to spiral in what ifs which ultimately launches your mind into fight of flight mode. 

Rumor has it that motion sickness on a boat is %60 mentally produced.. Which means.. IF you claim your going to get sea sick and then funnel into the symptoms on board then yes.. you will get sea sick .. Im not sure what document I watched that did a social experiment,=however  They rounded up people who might get sea sick and did a test on who got sick, those who did were given a placebo pill that would make them feel better and within minutes they felt better. Those who didn’t feel better was given different forms of medication.

The Medicated route

Not surprisingly, a variety of medications exist that can help prevent getting seasick. If you are prone to illness and have time to see a doctor they will perscribe you a heavy medication. Unfortunately they tend to make you drowsy so be aware that you are not getting medication that will make you sleepy.

a variety of over the counter medications can also be effective at preventing seasickness. Antihistamines are known to be particularly effective. Two popular medicines for motion sickness are Bonine and Dramamine. These are available over the counter at most drug stores and grocery stores, and you can also find them online. A potential downside of these medications is that they can make you drowsy, but some non-drowsy versions are available as well. These medications work best if you take them before you start feeling seasick.

My Personal favorite is Motion Easy. If Im starting to feel that pressure of the sea in my stomach I just breath in the bottle, Sometimes ill take a little dab and put it behind my ears but it works like  a charm. You can tell it is essential oils in there ( I presume eucalyptus and ginger but Im not. near the bottle the check right now.

To be honest there are a lot of products that promotes to cure motion sickness Im not sure how they work but a coupe people in my life has worn them so maybe it does 🙂 my google searches made this Motion sickness bracelet  to be whats best for the job!

This is a problem I have  yet to have an issue with. I know our cruising has been mainly in good weather but I don’t feel sea legs, and im very balanced 

If I was feeling sick and we didn’t have the motion ease I would go

The Holistic Route!

Which is first if your feeling dis go ahead and give that motion ease a smell then move to the end of the boat and watch the horizon, It gives your brain a clarity it may have not seen because of all the over stimulation of being on a boat. The second route Ill take is making tea with  sliced ginger on the bottom. I will be refilling my glass all day with the same ginger chunk. Some people hold it under their tongue or just in the mouth generally. I could see how a lot of people wouldn’t like that tho. Ginger is an acquired taste and it holds quite the burst of flavor that Is not palatable for some. smelling eucalyptus and ginger essential oils can settle your stomach too. Sometimes a nap is all you need too!! Sucking on a lemon or drinking pickle juice is also another good way to settle your tummy..

Motion sickness is rarely an untreatable condition. As we learned earlier… A lot of the pain of motion sickness is self inflicted when you begin to spiral on what if I get sick..

Remember to be stronger than your mind and tell yours self uh uh.. no way Jose not today…

Keep in mind if you do get sick don’t hold it in!

By holding it in you will  feel sick for longer..

Just go barf it out and you will feel significantly better immediately. 

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