I’ve been permanently banned from the creator fund

Lets talk Tik Tok

The rumors are true. Anyone who has followed my journey since March has endured the constant power struggle I have had with TikTok. Despite plenty of content that was similar to mine or shared audio would be selectively taken down. I am a fire dancer who lives and travels on my sailboat who just so happened to gather a large following over a silly video about The Mary Jane Flower. Regardless of being in a state where it is legal I had another video catch traction which was about finding people in Florida in which they took down but then pushed it out to 70 k people .. My last fire content had some politics in it and they took it down, I appealed it and they acceted it days later so I reloaded it, and now here I am with the notification that my creator fund is permanently banned AND THEY POCKETED MY CREATOR FUNDS! Without warning they made a permanent ban on my acount.

It would be one thing if you flagged people for reposting and gave them a warning system about future consequences then I can understand the harsh outcome of stealing someones money and stripping them from the power of the income over some fickle guidelines that applies to some and not to plenty including the young girls shaking their butts but thats a whole different problem that tiktok refuses to address and would rather have that for clout then sharing out of the ordinary arts.

As far as the 420 content goes tho… THOUSANDS of audios that specifically mention weed or any of its common names, plus smoking on cam is accepted all throughout the app. But All I did was make a video asking where my FL 420 Friends at and now my income from Tiktok is permanently shut down…

Some words of advice

Tiktok please update how you run things, If you do not approve of 420 content or fire performers are not welcomed on the platform please just delete it all , don’t attack people for their content when there are thousands of similar content pushing through the algorithms. Please consider allowing creators to use their raised money on gifts for others. And for the love of my audience. Please come up with a warning system that will communicate with creators and educate them on what the future holds if they aren’t more careful about what they post. To permanently Ban seems like a lot .. But it’s only a couple of steps back. Time to refocus and start some new accounts!

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