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Welcome Aboard! Interested in joining our adventure? Become a patron or donate to our channels wishlist for access into the Vault. Receive an exclusive view into our Journey and receive gifts from us!

1 Year Membership supporters will receive 1 free admission to a fire walking event and 50% off a guest ticket!

Virtually Free

Follow us on any of our social media platforms! We upload a video weekly on youtube, add cute stories onto Instagram, Get silly on Tok Tok, Or follow me on Only fan! All can be found on our hashtag #sailingspyridon

Need an Honest , Attentive Technician?

John has a lot of knowledge when it comes to proper building and restoring. He has many years building engines, and is great with problem solving for abnormalities you may come across. If you would like to get in touch and pick his brain depending on our where about we can be in contact through Wazzap, email, or a video call.

Email us at sailingspyridon2020@gmail
And title it "Technician help"


Patreons allows you to choose how much you want to support us! Donate a Dollar for an episode and get privileged access to some of our perks. Donate $20 an episode and get Exclusive access to better perks!

Come Aboard!

Interested in become a crew, or learning how to sail? Are we coming to a town near you and just wanna come hang out with us for awhile? We would love to have you come aboard! Come Aboards are a donation based perk we offer to our supporters. Hangout are free ๐Ÿ™‚ Wanna have us over for dinner? I love to cook ! Lets fiest!

Support Traveling Education

This is a separate funding that goes exclusively to our sons education. We buy a lot of programs online, and ensure he has social experiences as we travel. We have started a fundraiser for his academic needs. We love and want to support them while also supporting our sons craving to learn. Any donation to his fundraiser goes 100% to his education.

If you are a Home school parent there is a lot of amazing resources on this website! Take a look around ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out our Wish list

Anything with the word Marine around it is 2x as expensive then the normal world... So we will be updating a list of tools, upgrades, maybe ticket events we would like to attend. If you would like to donate any of our wishlist items or reach out to us to see if we are interested in an upgrade please do!

Title the heading as" Wishlist"
Please and Thank you <3

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