Life as a modern-day female pirate

AHOY Mate! Welcome to mi blog! ARG!

Ahoy! Me name be Megan ‘n I am a female fire-dancin’ pyro pirate who lives ‘n travels the world by a sailboat. I ‘ave lived aboard fer 3 years now ‘n feel ’tis time t’ natter about wha’ life be like livin’ on a sailboat as a female. I ‘ave heard many horror tales about proud beauties hatin’ sailin’ ‘n even divorcin’ thar husbands aft experiencin’ wha’ the sea does t’ ’em. Bein’ a modern day pirate ain’t fer the weak ‘n I wants t’ share me experience livin’ in the hands o’ mother nature. Below I will share pros ‘n cons o’ this lifestyle, wha’ I wench about life on land, Female issues, ‘n how t’ take care o’ yer pirate hearties. If ye ‘ave made it this far in me tale post ‘n me pirate natter hasnt driven ye mad , then I applaud ye. Shall we move this along in english now?

Lets dive into the gritty topic of privacy in a tiny home...

There is none– the end. 

Just kidding- Kind of… No, I can not escape the presence of my family in a tiny boat, We always know what each of us is up to all day every day. There is no getting away with eating a treat in a wrapper without someone asking what your eating. If you poop twice in the morning everyone is going to shame you for filling the poop tank. Its a reality that some will have trouble grasping. However there is a silver lining. Sometimes one of us goes and takes the kid out on some exploring and leaves the other to sit in silence for a little bit. I often hid in the bathroom ( head) and act like im using it so I can just sit with myself and not be asked to do something by my fellow 7 year old mate. Sexy time is reserved to early mornings and late nights. I am a night owl and has always prefered my hours to be into the late hours and less into the early hours so once everyone is asleep if I am not doing computer work ( Like I am now ) I will go out on a late night dinghy adventure.  I love to zoom around at night with the spotlight and check out what creatures lurk in the clean night waters. Some nights if we are close to an open feild I will bring my speaker and just frolic with myself, dancing like a crazy lady on drugs but it helps me shake off all my anxiety. Helps me reset my self for the upcoming journeys. It also helps me with my night time passage shifts where I am in charge of the vessels safety to our next destination. Boundaries are important and we have many conversations with eachother about expressing the need for space and being granted that space if needed. 

How to center when life is chaos

Living on a boat is not for the weak. For starters the boat is constantly consuming your hard earned money. We left Texas in March of 2020 with the idea that we could work if we needed to and we would use our savings minimally and be able to afford this lifestyle for at least 5 years.. But the pandemic hit hard and we did not have any interest being anywhere near land. Work was not a priority ,  our health was and because we did not engage with other people much in that first year we decided to focus that energy inward and tackle boat projects. What we werent prepared for was all the very expensive and unexpected shit that breaks on a boat and pandemic shipping/handeling. We were forced to face some very heavy boat projects like our bottom job, the rigging, our sail , windless problems, endless motor issues ( luckily my husband is a mechanic and electrician or else I would have declined the proposal to travel on a sailboat. ) Unfortunately we sucked our kitty fund dry within a couple years due to all these big dollar investments but it hasnt sucked my ambitions dry. So how do you find the pelasure behind the crushing reality of how much money is lost into the bilge? Remember that money is one form of wealth and being able to anchor out in the waters of the most favorable tourist hot zones, taking baths with dolphins and manatees, fishing for your sushi , are all forms of wealth that shouldnt be ignored. The backyard view is forever changing along side the sun set is a reminder that life in its most raw form is beautiful. The choice to travel with your entire home is a privledge that many only dream about doing .. Although after writing that out, my mind imediately went to how much cheaper, dreaming about this lifestyle would be hahahahaha but! It still beats owning a home and struggling to keep all the bills paid, driving in traffic to get to and from work, neighbors! I love my life at sea. I honestly think it is the most free way to live.. It is also the most expensive way to live for free! 

Lets go back to the heading topic. How do I find center when life is chaos. Breathing. We live life on a short breath and it causes all sorts of health problems. Sitting in the problem never serves the solution, so we do our best to focus our energy positively. yoga helps too 🙂 Its important to never resist against mother nature of else shes going to put you on your ass real quick. When it comes to motion sickness, if you are resisting against the motion of the ocean with your mind, if you have the idea that you are going to get sick, you are. Resisting will only cause struggle and discomfort . just like yoga, you are not suppossed to suffer into the poses (asanas) you are suppossed to surrender to them. Focus in on what part of your body is straining and mentally breaking down the muscles until they are content in the position. Motion is kind of similar in a way that you should surrender to the motion. Sit in the bed and meditate, give yourself to the earth and you will find that the sickness subsides. I feel like this lesson should be layed our amongst a lot of lifes struggles. When presented with a difficult situation , you wont go anywhere by resisting. You have to find solutions and surrender to the process that comes with your decisions. Take control and getting it done is the path to least resistance.


On the subject of Yoga, I used to train to become a yoga instructor however life changed and I never took the test. Since then I have become less and less in practice with my routine and because of that I fell into a deep depression. I still struggle with my mental health but my yoga is starting to return more normally. When Im feeling unmotivated I will log into my account with Forever Frances!  This online yoga instructor is a young woman who dreams of living on her own sailboat. She has been working hard to accomplish her dreams this past year and is doing a rockstar job creating her brand and content for her brand that is easy to follow and has loads of content to choose from. Part of her proceeds goes toward ocean clean up and the rest goes towards her dreams of being a live aboard. I really enjoy her content on both her yoga and social platforms. Her brand is super affordable and easy to access. I highly recomend her for any liveaboard moms out there! If you would like to see what yoga with Forever Frances is like, Click her to be redirected to her website 

Shark week!

Females… We have a thing that attracts sharks! Its called the period and I seem to start mine EVERY TIME we go offshore for a few days. It’s like clock work! We pull anchor and I drop shark bait into my britches. So how do I manage my periods on a boat? The exact same way as land lubbers do! I pull out my chocolate stash, warm socks, boil some water for tea and become horizontal for the first few hours. I typically use the mentral cup but the first 24 hours are so heavy that I always leak and bleed through what ever I am wearing so I will either wear a pad too or just wear the pad during the initial heavy flow. One time my period was a whole 2 weeks early and without warning that its coming. Of course we were offshore for 4 days this time and we had to cut the trip short and come back into land to aquire some female products ( my cup had torn the last round and I was going to order a new one once we got to the destination ) Another time we had left to do errands and normally im pretty in tune with my body and I know when it is going to start within the first few hours before spotting. This time I was given no warnings and we walked for 2 hours before I realized I had bled through my white shorts . HOW EMBARRASSING! I spent 45 minutes talking with some employees who were petting my dog. In which I know I was sitting like a trucker and noone said anything to me. But! life shall go on and once I realized what was happening, we headed back to the boat and I wore my blood stained shorts without any anxiety. I honestly dont care what people think, regardless is still sucked 🙂 

I have never tried them but my friend loves her period panties so im going  to order a few pairs and see how I like them. Here is a link to what I am talking about 🙂

What are the responsibilities of a mom pirate?

If you dont already, please go find us on all the social medias as Sailing Spyridon. On instagram we have a section that is dedicated to each mate in the crew including my little sea monkey who goes by the name ” Tiger Shark” Those who have met my child are always so takin in by his generosity, pronouciation, and bold spirit. My child is entrancing and dramatic. He has big feelings that he wants to discuss with everyone and is rarely told to shut up, with the exception of his pirate girl friend who also lives on a boat and when she comes over she is so true to her thoughts that her honesty pierces through my sons heart. He needs the balance tho because everyone is always hyping him up and giving him a god complex. Yesterday I had the kids aboard and she is up top fishing with him and says ” Tiger, sometimes your drama level is so annoying, your funny, but your not always funny even though you think you are” Ouch…. She followed her statement with ” but I do love hanging out with you. Your a good friend” — Nicely done lady nicely done…I have to admit that it is hard to raise a free spirited little monkey. I have no role models to guide me through this journey so I came up with the understanding that my job as a parent is to educate, feed, and love him for who he wants to be. I try my hardest to support his intuition within reason and remember to sit back and support his growth. Life on a sailboat already covers so much education and we have the time to actually work with him on his weaknesses and support him in his strengths. I get to be present in my sons childhood instead of passing him off to public education and missing out on the milestoned because I have a job to maintain. Being his teacher and mother can be very difficult. Somedays I would rather quit and spend the day on the beach day-drinking alone. The great thing about homeschooling though, is that some days are a huge success, and other days are a complete nightmare, but  I do have the choice to play hookie and take breaks from school if we need a hard reset.I am in charge. One of the ways I give my son control over his education is to offer fridays as a hookie day as long as he spends 2 hours in the morning reading. He typically chooses that over school and actually reads 2-3 hours. I dont have to quiz him or ask questions because he is always so eager to tell someone what he read about, and he reads out loud so I know hes actually reading. I have also implemented a reward system. For every chapter book he reads, he gets $1.00  This kid plows through books. I have a whole blog post about homeschooling on a boat. If you want to read it click here!

When we decided to move aboard we decided to live the aethetic of being a real modern day pirate. Why? Mainly because he was still at an age where imagination is important to a healthy development and because I am a strong disbeliever in force feeding all the lies behind every major holiday and then expect to raise an honest person just feels unrealistic and I want to break the cycle so I have told him the honest truth about all the holidays from the earliest of years. I have taught him to respect others beliefs, to observe and internalize their good intentions And the importance of not spoiling it for others. Because I have a real approach for nurturing a healthy childhood, I want to feed that imagination mindset elsewhere and make belief is the perfect way to get the serotonin going. So yea, some times we dress up and do pirate shit and act our pirate scenes because its healthy and fun. 


Are you still with me?

If you made it this far down my blog, I want to first say thank you for reading! I want to take this moment and share with you how you could support us and our travels in a big way. For starters, I am an affilliate with amazon. If I have added any links in my blogs and you click on it I will get a small commission on everything you buy, regardless if its the product I recommended. Second– Just simpley adding us on instagram or Youtube help sus reach out financial goals and gives us opportunities to work with brands we would like to do business with. Third! We do have an etsy store for nautical merch and an amazon store for our captain logs, yoga journey, and art books. Click here to see our creations!  And lastly! We have an app idea that will rock the liveaboad socks off. I cant discuss too much about it here , but we have started a patreons that will be focused entirely on our app development. If you are a skilled liveaboard with a special skill set such as mechanic, nurses, Diver, pet caregiver, nanny. The list goes on, you may want to jump on the opportunity and invest in our app. Click the photo below to be redirected to our patreons 🙂


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