Make your own Sour Cream from Non refrigerator products

What?? what kind of sorcery is this? Well its witchy but delicious 🙂 Sometimes living on a boat can be exhausting, and sometimes comfort food isn’t a 5 minute drive away or a delivery fee.

My comfort food is potatoes. I love slicing potatoes real thin , frying them, and adding some lemon pepper. To top it off I add Franks Hot Sauce to each bite! Delicious but probably not the best snack of foods but it sure is comforting.

My sisters comfort food is sour cream and I am curious if she would approve of our new boat friendly sour cream alternative . The secret ingredient is the Mexican creme (considered a heavy creme) and vinegar. You can also use a lime substitute 

I hope you enjoy this one! The benefit of this recipe on a boat is that it is easy to store. Vinegar is obviously a boat need but those little cans are easily stored and can make any meal a comfort meal with a little sour cream! Let me know what you think?

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