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We have partnered with Phyllis from Phyllis Upholstery. Her shop can make you high quality marine grade cushions, Bimini’s, enclosures, repairs, chairs, and so much more! She is also who made our handy dandy marine Garbage bag that hangs from our stern so we can collect plastic without having to find room to store it! These bags also make an awesome Laundry bag!

Phyllis Also had a deep passion for art and makes all sorts of goodies in her shop. Her specialty is making custom cups !Her cup business is called Damn Cool Cups! If you like any of the cups below and would like to have one made send me an email @

Phyllis Mitchell

Owner of Phyllis Upholstery and Damn Cool Cups

Need something made? Interested in buying a cup? Make sure you let her know Sailing Spyridon sent ya!

Email me:

Damn Cool Cups

Have any cup your way!

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