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                                                Dance and prop manipulation
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Have you ever witnessed a girl and her hoop frolicking through a field and thought , Well she looks like she is having fun… Guess what.. She totally is. Have you ever seen a juggler tossing all sorts of things into the air and  say to yourself… oooh man.. I can’t even handle making coffee and checking facebook at the same time I can’t imaging how much my life would improve if I had skills like that. 

Well my friend, You have the ability to commit and learn! T

Luckily for you , Flow Fest has gathered events that you can attend! 

There are many forms of flow and they are all very healthy for your soul.


Follow your happiness because life is to short to live unhappy

A world where you can be that girl frolicking in her passion. Learn how to release stress by dance and movement. I promise you won’t regret it!


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