Rebirth of the Vberth!

Rebirth of our V- Berth

When John and I first got the boat making Mini Captain Sea Monkeys room was a priority. In the back of our mind we knew we should be doing a bunch of other projects instead and that those projects were much more important that the v-berth however we both knew with all the changes going on giving him is space was also important. Unfortunately a lot of my photos and videos from thvberth project  was deleted with a Best Buy geek accidentally cleared my most important file in my hard drive – All the boat project videos -.- But I can share with you the youtube video we made! 

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We removed the old nasty vinyl from the walls, The vinyl was so old that the insulting foam that backed it had turned to dust. 

After pulling all that nasty we then scrubbed  the walls from any left over foam and pulled everything out of the berth.. John and I had picked our light grey paneling for the walls and a pic wall panel for the ceiling.. At first we were a little apprehensive about it.. With all the teak in that room we thought the colors would clash too bad but in the end it actually didn’t. 

John forgot to read the directions on the glue container as he was gluing up the ceiling and it called for 4 hour set time and I wasn’t home to help of assist so he laid there helplessly until I would help him find something to prop the ceiling with for the remainder of the time..  

John used a hot gun to bend the trim which took 5-10 tries to not crack it but in the end it was a nice wooden touch to the newly white ceiling top. Nothing on a boat is smooth of even so some pieces of the wall was much more difficult to stay put but John managed to finish the project and with the new Led lights, Our son was super excited to have a space of his own. 

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