Sailing Spryidon has decided to do a van conversion.

Yup, you have read right. This was a long and a very difficult decision to choose a land lubbing project such as a van build but I swear to you when I say we are not keeping it! Actually, we decided it would be fun to do the build out and then give it away to someone on our social media ! For a Small donation, your name is entered to win. We are doing this to help inspire someone to step out side of their comfort zones and chase after a dream to travel. We are so incredibly in love with the idea that this could change someone’s life, In a way that traveling on a sailboat has done for our family.

 If you are interested in entering to win the van here is the link to our Go fund me.



We fully understand that MOST people do not want to leave their comfort creature ways and that this life style is not for everyone. But for some, Its an absolute dream! We were fortunate to have followed our dreams, We want to inspire someone else to do the same. 

Why would we put so much energy into a project that doesnt exactly fit out lifestyle? Well, We needed transportation if we were going to be in one spot for the summer. We have a huge range of skill sets and thought it would be fun to put them to use. With so many people inspired to travel now adays we knew it would make some great content, We could share our knowledge, and It would put a van build under our belt, Which is somethingI have wanted to do for many years. 

 We want to give those who are not interested in winning a chance to show support for our project too! You can donate  to our Gofund me anonymously but you could also donate through Venmo or purchase an item off of our Amazon Wishlist .   If you would like to purchase an item from our list and donate it to the cause please shoot me an email with the products you would like to donate and we will email you back with an address you can send it to. (( Click here to email me )) Another way you could donate to the cause without being entered to win is to click on this go fund me link and donate anonomously.

As far as the van goes at this time, It is mechanically sound. Coming soon we are releasing a youtube video of everything that we did mechanically to the van, our plan, and progress along the way. Please subscribe to our Youtube here! We have recently been sponsored by Renogy Energy– who will be providing the solar and inverter. A local paint shop is entertaining the idea of a sponsored paint job, and we are excited to actually start the build out. 

Now here is what is on our amazon wish list

We are also in need of basic home depot supplies. If you would like to send us gift cards please send me an email and I will send you an address. <3 WE love all of you and thank you for those who have donated. Together we will make this special for someone and that is our mission statement. 

I have made some journals for the nautical and van/bus life folk! If you are interested in supporting our travels and have plans to travel yourself, these journals are a perfect way to organize, plan, and document traveling. Click the catagories below to see our stores!

Wheel life nomadic journals

Boat life captain logs

Doodle Journals ( coming soon) 

Stickers and Redbubble Merch!


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