The Bump -(W)right Family

John and I have been together for 10 years. We have a 5 year old boy who identifies as Captain Sea Monkey, a parkour pirate ninja in training. We are not married, because we want marriage to be something we can celebrate after we feel like we have accomplished a strong beautiful relationship instead of promising it to one another. There for we plan on becoming married at 50. Plus our name is too awesome as is! Get to know us a little bit better below!

Daddy Bump

John has worked as a Technician for all of his adult life. He has worked on mechanics since he was a kid. He loves learning to how build and fix all sorts of things and therefor has created several skill sets over the years. He has owned and managed respected shops around Texas. After working very hard for the past 10 years We both felt wiped with society standards, He decided to ask his family to drop everything he have built for the past 10 years and live a life abroad a sailboat.

Mama Wright

I Have many passions but the circus world is my favorite! I have done fire arts for the past 9 Years and recently (2020) became certified to lead empowerment seminars that host Fire and Glass walks. I also teach a mean fire Dance and love to empower people with energy and confidence. Im a Leo so if you can’t have a conversation with me while making eye contact we probably won’t get along.

Before Sailboat life

I ran a day care, worked at Gold Gym and a youth Personal Trainer. Then After We moved into the Boat I was working at an upholstery shop, A sailing School, A gymnastics Coach, And in the evenings split my time between a bar and a restaurant. Somehow I still made time to build this site and edit our videos!

Mini Captain Sea Monkey

5 years old! Life seems to be pretty tough in this little guys land. He’s wildly disappointed if we don’t get him in bed by 7:30 especially if its too late for him to read us a book. This Little man is a very strong willed, intelligent , and independent kiddo. His favorite things to do it build stuff just like his daddy, Read about Dinosaurs, cook his own meals, and drive me crazy ( just kidding but somedays it feels that way) A part of our patreons account donates to his education so if you would like to help aid his adventure into this big beautiful world we would appreciate the donations!

Let’s build something together.

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