The Fire walking Center

Interested in becoming a Fire walk instructor?

” The Firewalking Center offers one of the most experienced fire walking teams in the world! We offer unique firewalking intensives and Instructor Certifications happening throughout the USA and the UK. We also provide consulting and assistance for any professional event looking to add firewalking to their project. Proudly, we carry the legacy and teachings of Tolly Burkan on to the next generation of firewalkers, spiritualists, coaches, leaders, and teachers around the world. We provide life changing, powerful, authentic experiences which grounds deep teachings in tangible experience. Our instruction and certification for Firewalking Instructors and for those who want to become instructors are legendary. With Tolly’s Burkan’s teachings and the unparalleled experience of the The Firewalking Center’s Master Trainer team The Firewalking Center is your source for the education, motivation, inspiration, and presentation of all things firewalking”

Take the next step in your life, your spiritual path, and your career at


What am I certified in?
  • Board Breaking/ Trust falls
  • Fire walks
  • Glass walks
  • Throat arrow Break
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