Virtual assistant

If you would like to hire me as your Virtual Assistant. I can be reached at my email

My skill sets include:

Blog posts (300-500 wpb). Canva specialist, Graphic design, market research, content creator, content calendar, Pinterest manager, Social Media management, Agorithum engagement, Lead chaser, and brand ambassador. I am open to discussion for evolving ideas.

Greeting from the sea! Welcome to the truths about Virtual Assistant work

Small businesses

Let’s be honest, It’s hard managing your small business. More people are shopping online and communicating online more now than ever before and because of that, and with this terrible pandemic it is more important than ever to stay on top of your small business. There is no shortage of virtual assistant work. The best thing about virtual assistant work is that you choose what skill sets you are comfortable performing and all you have to do is post it up on the virtual platforms and see what it generates. you choose your clients, workloads, work hours, and income . The best part in my opinion is that you only need a couple of clients to make wonderful money. Are you ready to learn more?

What to offer?

Virtual assistant work has a huge pile of services that fall under the category of skill sets to offer. I will make another post that will attach to this one in a couple of weeks that will cover everything under the Virtual Assistant umbrella. For now, some services you can offer are blog writing (300-500 WPB) email answering, social media management, Pinterest posting, graphic design, logo design, illustrations, content calendars, market research, and so much more. If you seek free resources about virtual assistant work check out Ashley Abby’s Youtube channel in which you can click here to see more.

A software that changes everything…

Have you seen those super eye-catching posts on Pinterest and think.. Man I wish I was that good about creating things? Well you are, I promise 🙂 Because those posts were most likely made from canva and you can use it for free or pay the membership and acquire the premium options available for graphic design. Canva covers anything from social media posts to logos, posters or menus, zoom meeting backgrounds t-shirt design and sooooo much more. If you are interested in purchasing a canva membership ! You can get some free credits when you use my link 🙂 So CLICK HERE to sign up

Everything you need to know about virtual assistant work

I have partnered with a very well respected woman who created a course specifically for Virtual Assistants. In her modules she covers basic skills and setups, How to get training for special skills, Contracts to protect your work ( yes she gives them to you to use and they are specifically for VA work ) You will have access to a coach who will answer all your questions, and even have access to her student Facebook page which is loaded with successful students giving new students all the good details to the road of success. Of course, you can find great content on her youtube but If you are ready to skip the countless hours of research and youtube hours , Just take her course! She offers a money-back guarantee

I do understand that some of these courses feels like a lot of money. But when you think about how much college classes cost and how long you have to go to college to retrieve any certification proving your worth. You can spend 4 years at a college or prioritize a course like Ashley’s as an opportunity to invest in yourself and your education. Don’t allow your mind convince you of an excuse to stop this momentum, when your soul is telling you to chase it.

Life is too short to waste it on something you are not passionate about. Everything is pointing you in the right direction, It is up to you to follow it.

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