Who said yoga on a boat is too difficult?

I did.. It was me. 

Hey guys! My name is Megan and I live aboard a sailboat with a my family of 3 and a lazy fur baby Miss Luna Bagel! Once upon a time I did yoga every single  day, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. Any time I had a moment I was doing handstands in a door way or pushing in a few more crunches. I was also working at Golds Gym training to be a personal trainer, yoga instructor while teaching the youth program. Then I decided to live on a boat and everything changed. We crunched to save our money, and always had boat projects that needed to be knocked out. I started to put aside my daily routine to build my current life. We are 3 years into our full time cruising lifestyle and I must admit that my practice is still present but in a very different way. Its no longer a dedicated time , but more so a few minutes of my time frequently, focusing of the different parts of my body that is aching and settling into the asanas that will release the pressure–then on my way to the next daily goal. Every day is an adventure for us whether is it running errands, provisioning, searching boat parts, finding cool adventures or spending the day at the beach. Its hard for me to unwind into myself, to eliminate distractions and tune in to the mind and soul section of a disciplined yoga practice. 

Recently, I made the decision that I should not use the excuse that I can’t fit in a proper practice into my routine because of life… I sat down with the crew of my boat and we made a pact to do 15-20 minute practice every day, together.  To make things easier on me , I chose to support an online Yoga instructor by the name of Regan Frances Mullis. She is a 23 year old , health and wellness coach who has aspirations to become a liveaboard and start her own cruisers journey. We first got aquinted through TikTok. She started building this yoga brand in 2020 so she could save up enough money to chase her dreams of teaching yoga virtually while traveling in one of the oldest forms of traveling- Boat life. She is working hard to lift this brand off with solid content, eye catching blog posts, and inspiring words of wisdom in her instagram stories. She is offering a low price monthly membership to gain access to all her classes and unlock the 30 day challenge! 

Memberships with Regan!

Everything you need to know

For only $15 a month you get

  • Four new classes every month ranging from 15-60 minutes

  • Access to the 31 Days to Better Living Challenge

  • Anytime on-demand access for as long as you’re a member

  • Access to a library of all previous classes

  • Classes to take for all Levels (Beginner-Advanced)

  • Save even more by choosing our $120 yearly plan

What is the 30 day challenge?

The challenge includes yoga, weight training, and meditation classes that are all low impact, under 30 minutes, and small-space friendly. Whether you are a busy bee, elderly with knee problems, or living in an RV with no space or equipment, you can participate in this challenge and take the first steps towards changing your life for the better in a healthy, positive, and balanced way.

What does the Challenge include?

  • 4 weight training classes
  • 12 Yoga Classes
  • 5 Guided meditations
  • 5 Journal prompts

Are you ready to sign up yet? Purchasing a membership helps you get in better shape, It helps fund the dreams of a young woman on a mission to fight society norm and live her best life out at sea, and It also helps the planet!! I forgot to mention above that a small donation is given to one of Regans favorite charities! This program covers a lot of the foundations of yoga while challenging you to push a little further. Stop coming up with excuses as to why you don’t need this and watch how commitment may be the change you didn’t know you needed. Thanks for reading yall!!

Follow Regans Journey

You can also find her on Youtube and Tiktok

Pirate family

You can also follow our journey around the world on a Westerly Sea lord Sailboat. WE can also be found on Youtube and Tiktok

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