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An platform designed to cater to the boaters community.

Welcome to our blog!  This page is dedicated to the working class who is interested in learning how to make money while traveling the world. Some of us sold everything and left our life behind so that we could find a sense of freedom while traveling. The boat life is captivating but not for the weak. One very true statement that often makes or breaks the ambition behind liveaboard lifestyle is the harsh reality that things break on a boat– and often. It is almost always at the most inconvenient time and if you have no idea how to fix anything, This is not the life for you. However, a lot of people have moved into this lifestyle because they have the right skills to maintain the maintenance and don’t mind the long list of boat projects that will never end. The boating community is suprisingly filled with skilled individuals who may have the solutions to the problems that pop up unexpectedly.

But you will never know who’s around to help If you don’t go introduce yourself to all of your new neighbors every time you drop anchor.

My husband and I moved on a boat 3 years ago and we are skilled individuals. We have never had any issues finding work amongst our travels, but choosing if the project is worth our time is a disappointment we never enjoy delivering. Due to covid, there is a huge demand and not nearly as many reliable sources for brick and mortor availability, We often find ourselves struggling over denying a customer because of the liability behind the project. We are designing a platform that will give liveaboards a profile to showcase their skills, and an interactive map that will showcase skillsets near you. Skilled Professionals such as Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers, Riggers, Divers, and Captains can be found on the maps and they can be hired through the app. These skilled professionals are insured through our branded insurance to ensure that our customers are hiring a secured service.

Do you have to be licensed to be qualified as a skilled professional?

NOPE! Although there will be a place to fill out any certifications you might want to share on your profile. However, It is not a necessity. Our mission is to provide jobs to the liveaboard community , so that they can continue to travel for as long as they want to. Certain jobs such as dog groomers/trainers,  medical professionals , nail technicians, clothing designers , and so on, do not need our insurance package. The insurance is a perk to resolve any issues between working class and client for those more intense liabilty jobs. We want to encourage anyone who lives this lifestyle to list their profession so that they can choose to be available if someone is in need . Those who boat, understand how amazing the boating community can be, our mission is to nurture that awesome boaters mindset  by providing a platform that niches the community together. 

How can I make money through this app?

Good question! Well, we have put a lot of thought into this question. The potential to make money is endless. As soon as you have become a member, you will have access to our thousands of potential clients. What ever your business might be , the control is in your hands. I personally feel like the content creation method  for mainstream sites has become too saturated and unfortunately people are wasting thousands of hours editing videos in hopes to find financial freedom one day. One way to make money on this app is to join the marketplace for DIY Videos. This is a section of the app that is designed to help boaters educated themselves without all of the fluff that comes with normal Youtube creations. Straight forward information in the palms of your hands. The videos will showcase 10-15 seconds and then will offer to purchase access to the full video, or subcription to the creators whole stream.

Another way to make money

Through our simple advertisement that will be showcased on the flag which will be sent to professional members. Because we are still in the developmental stages , I cant give away all of the perks that we are establishing, But your profile can be found through hoisting a flag!

Got any ideas?

We are open to suggestions on how we can make this app the perfect platform for liveaboard cruisers and boat owners in general. If you have any information you would love to see implemented into the platform please send us an email with a heading that says app improvement to


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