Lets Chat About Water makers!!

watermaker is a device used to obtain potable water by reverse osmosis of seawater. Many versions are used by long-distance ocean cruisers.Depending on the design, watermakers can be powered by electricity from the battery bank, an engine, an AC generator or hand operated. There is a portable, towed, water-powered watermaker available which converts to hand operation in an emergency.


  • A watermaker uses only a small amount of fuel to generate a large amount of water, eliminating the need for large, heavy water tanks.
  • The user is independent of shore-based water supplies, which is especially important in remote area.
  • They provide safe water when shore-based water is of uncertain quality.
  • Some designs are portable and can be converted to manual operation in an emergency.
  • The hand-held unit offered by one manufacturer and the towed water-powered watermaker offered by another manufacturer can be transferred to a liferaft in an emergency.


  • They are expensive: Indicative costs are US$2,000 for the manual type, US$3,000 for the towed water-powered type, US$4,000 or more for an engine-driven type (designed to be fitted to the inboard motor of the vessel), and about the same for an AC generator-driven type.
  • Some types (but not all) are time-consuming and expensive to maintain.
  • They are power hungry, except the hand-held emergency watermaker and the towed water powered type. Accordingly, these devices overcome the problem of large electric current demand. The drawbacks for the non-electric designs are that manual operation is tiring for the operator and the towed watermaker only works while the vessel is moving.

Some manufacturers of electrically powered watermakers have energy recovery systems in their design which reduce the power consumption; however, these are typically some 50% more expensive for any similar size due to their additional complexity. As a guideline, assuming a 12V DC system, the energy recovery incorporated in those watermakers have the effect of reducing the electric current used from perhaps typically 20A to about 8A. Like any piece of equipment, it is bound to fail at some time and cause expense/anxiety. 


So who did we invest our money into?

We chose Sea Water Pro as our Watermaker choice! After a long consideration on what our budget was for this lifestyle necessity we chose Sea Water Pro because the system was affordable and the website was very transparent about how it works . We were able to gather all the information we needed and not be guessing whether or not we would run into an installation issue. After speaking with Mike who is the owner of the company, we were convinced that we were going to buy his system! If you haven’t had the pleasure chatting with Mike, Give him a call. He will gladly answer any questions you might have on watermakers. He is very friendly and will break down all your questions. 

If he is unavailable feel free to email us and we will gladly walk you through it as well!

What was the selling point ?

Well, Mikes pridefully pitches his product with the the honest truth that if any part of the system breaks, you can find it at any local hardware store. No finding an address and waiting 2 weeks for the product. A matter of fact. We did have an issue with the motor.. We contacted mike and without any questions he texted us back and asked for an address. Within the hour he responded “sent out , be there tomorrow” 


NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! No back and forth communications- Just solutions to the problem.

One Year Later,

It has been a year since we invested in SeaWater Pro and I am so grateful we chose to install a water maker, We no longer are timing our stays from the amount of water we have aboard. We no longer have a restriction on when we can shower, or how much water we used washing laundry. When ever we need water, we make water! If you are thinking about purchasing a watermaker– We highly suggest this one! 

We do have an affiliate relationship with Sea Water Pro now because of how many units we have sold! By purchasing the watermaker through our link you are supporting a liveaboard family chase their desire to travel. We do receive a small commission for every unit sold! 

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