Westerly Sealord

Welcoming our new home a Westerly SeaLord sailboat

Why did we choose this boat? It was the  perfect size, It’s a stout boat, with a center cockpit. The deck layout is great. The wheel is positioned where I can sit on the top of the rear cabin comfortably, hold onto the steering wheel, and still see where I am going. You might think this is obvious but it is not. It has a full dodger and bimini, which is nice.unfortunately I normally have a have a booster seat to see over the Bimini because its as tall as my eye site.  The cockpit is spacious and hidden is a great cockpit table and cockpit seats are long enough to be comfortable. especially after I finished making the cushions the cockpit quickly became out outdoor patio. The traveler is mounted aft of the helmsman, making it easy to adjust the mainsail from the helm, and putting the traveler at the end of the boom where it can do the most good. The primary winches are large (but only single speed, alas). It has a decent sized anchor windlass. The deck is covered with non-skid and it’s in decent shape but will need to be replaced soon. 

One of the cockpit seats opens up to a very deep lazarette, which is great for storage.  you could hide many dead bodies in this space 😛 just kidding! Calm it down folks! 


The Galley

On the inside, the layout is just about perfect. It has a reasonable galley, u-shaped, with cabinet space and a large enough fridge. There are double, deep sinks, a stove and oven, plenty of space for spices and stow away foods. One of the first projects john and I did was removing the freezer tray and bending it open so we could convert the shelf inside the fridge into a much larger freezer. We then cut a hole in the counter space and made a cutting board top to it. 


When we first got our vessel her v berth was not a pretty site to see. She was used, and abused, here vinyl sagged and released what was left of the insulation  in the comforts of her cubby.. Her eyes would leak which left a lingering smell of mold in the 1970 cushions. 

The v berth was not of my husbands first major projects. It was important to give our child a space of his own and the vberth needed some serious love.  It took us 6 months to finish that project! Mainly because we were both working which left us Sunday and Monday to do projects and I worked Monday from 3 – 6 so Sundays we tried our best to spend time as a family with our 5 year old son but also try to balance getting a little closer to our goals. Learning how to place fake wood flooring onto walls and pvc ceiling with wooden trim  was a difficult learning curve. We wanted the ceiling to be easily removed incase we wanted to get to the wiring underneath, and the walls held a moisture during humid days and we weren’t sure if the stick on the back of the planks would actually stick on the v berth walls 

John was the one who figured all this out (JOHN ADD HERE) 


While we still had our home in Austin Texas we decided to take a trip to the house and cut up our foam mattresses we used to have in our room and our spare bedroom. We cut the mattress to fit the berth. For our room we decided to build a wooden extension from our double bed to our single allowing us to essentially make room for our queen without having to chop it up.  The flooring between the beds  was at an angle so I didn’t care for that space much and saw it as a much better storage hole. Currently it is the hole of my Sail Rite sewing machine and our storm sail

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