Wish list

Thank you for showing interest!

Amazon wishlist – Click the link to see what we are looking at.

Extras we would like / Future sponsor posts for

Non skid solar panels-for the deck ( Ask John for link) 

Port light windows –( already installed 2 of 10 but we would love to have the rest sponsored in out channel and we will do a how to for our patreons 

Electric Motor

Fishing gear

Scuba Gear/lessons

 New lenses for my Fujifilm x-t3 ( a better carrying case, a mic) 

We would love to teach astrology on our channel and although it is out of the budget right now we would loooovee to aquire a hand held telescope. We would love to have the one that takes digital images so we can upload 3d images over them so our following can understand the imagery. 

Blue under water light-  So we can see whats swimming around at night.

Mini Fridge – for our beverages only

Scuba and Spear gun 

Electric Long Boards






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