Wrightsville Beach to Oriental

Well its been a rough past couple of days. We anchored out and then pulled into a Marina Called Whittaker Pointe Marina in Oriental North Carolina. This Marina is absolutely Beautiful! And the Dock Master here is as kind as they can get. He has offered a lender car, and full access to the office anytime even though he lives there. John is in quarantine and im not sure what to do. Im terrified this might kill him but I also don’t want to be on the boat with him either. I never get sick so I hope Im not one of the strong rare ones who carry the virus and not catch it. Im so torn between just getting it over with and getting us all sick and quarantined or try to ride it out and survive without contracting it. There is also the risk of getting anyone else sick so im sure uncomfortable with being at this marina like this..

So get this!!!

Once John and I got settled into this marina, we did all our normal checks.. Well…. John noticed that one of our shrouds was about to snap… This means, had we gone out in those big waves we would have probably busted the shroud which means the mask would fall down and essentially most likely good by sailing dream because a mast costs 20k+ .. Gratefully!! We caught it in time and now with John having to Isolate we are going to stay here a month. Jesse and Elenor are staying a month too!

So its Sting Ray mating season this week so there are a bunch of stingrays gliding across the water escaping from the male partners chasing them down. It is a beautiful thing to witness!

Fast Forward 2 weeks

So we are waiting on our shipping and John seems to be getting healthier. For him this sickness was mild. He would get a fever and sleep for hours but then feel fine in the mornings. While he is isolating I am doing sewing projects and fixing things up on the boat while maintaining my websites and such.

Why we recommend people don’t stay at this marina

Well, We decided to come here over a slightly cheaper marina was because almost all of the reviews mention Robert as being a wonderful Kind soul..

In the three weeks I have been in oriental He has shown nothing but love and respect for his people. He wakes up at 8 am and cleans all the bathrooms, and makes me coffee or tea if I want some while doing late night work on my computer, Never once did he make me feel uncomfortable or said anything inappropriate … however….

I had just returned with the lender car as I walked up to the club house and saw one of the (many) owners loading up 2 dock carts with gatorade. I proceeded to enter under the house and saw that this man’s daughters had taken the cart that John and I had stored our sail in to prepare us for the rigging job we were about to do… We chose a cart that had flat tires and there was an empty one in the far corner of the house but I suppose that was too far of a walk for them ( They are a bigger people and it is summer ) but instead of picking my folded sail up and out of the cart and placed on the picnic table they dumped it over a bench, into a mud puddle, sprawled up all over the cement floor.

We approached the owner at his boat about this and he clearly had better things to do then worry about his paying customers. He shrugged us off with a sarcastic comment something along the lines of ” What do you want me to do about it? Send my teenage daughters to fold your sail?” Well no sir, An apology and a proper scolding of your minions would have done just fine but since he was being rude about it John thought it was best we had a word with the dock master and inform him of what had happened, that is was settled, but just so he was aware incase the owner spoke to him about it.

Well, Robert got very upset. And emotionally sent a text message calling out the owner for once again not caring about the people who stay here. He essentially told the owner to teach his daughters respect before its too late…

Well The owner hated that text and immediately fired him… Now here is where the story gets real shady… The owner then proceeds to text horrible name calling names to Robert and told him he was trespassing, We informed Robert of his rights and how important it is calmly stand your ground. He had to be served a proper eviction because He had lived on the property for 5 years. The owner then proceeds to trash talk him in texts after text. Told the other owners that he had an eviction letter served and needed to be removed from the property by the end of the week which was in 3 days… and sent his Girlfriend to get his keys. We once again informed Robert of his rights and that they couldn’t lock him out of all his belongings. That this owners girlfriend has no property rights so he wasn’t obligated to give her anything.. Well This super pissed off carol or what ever her name is. She showed up the next day with a locksmith, once again attempting to lock this man out before he could pack up anything. We called the sheriff department who came by and let the owners know that no eviction letter was ever filed against Robert..And once that was said one of theater owners barked at us claiming we know nothing about Robert and a whole lot of nonsense that was irrelevant to the matter in hand and when we replied on his bullshit and informed them on the real reason why Robert was fired they were upset about the other owners lie and didn’t want to participate in the drama much longer.

A few days prior the owners daughter had taken her bike to the marina and was waiting on Carol. I was sewing while listening to Robert ask her if her step mom was around and if her dad knew she was there. After she answered Robert then made sure by texting the owner and went back upstairs to do his business.. The daughter then turns towards me and with a big sign says “our whole family hates Robert the dumbo” I let her rant for a few minutes about the problems they have with Robert ( and in my opinion was very trivial things ) and she then proceeded to bash him as if the words were coming straight from her dad and step mom.. I turned to her and said im sorry but I am trying to work and Robert has been very nice to us and all of the people staying here. If she couldn’t talk about anything nice then she needed to move on and say nothing at all. She scoffed at me and said she was going to go find her mom..

After helping Robert through the locksmith situation a new boat came in. I had actually met this woman at the coffee shop in the beginning of the month. She was having work done at a local spot and when they were done she had plans to visit the marina and Robert ( 5 year customer) then be off on their way. Well She is also acquainted with carol and was speaking with her at the other marina about Robert.. Not once did she mention the incident with the sail, or us, or the false eviction, or how her husband is a fat liar but instead decides to try and ruin this mans reputation by spreading lies that he assaulted her daughter, and has sexually harassed all the ladies at the marina, that they had several calls on him being a complete creep to women behind their husbands back..

Well, I was disgusted listening to these false statements on this man. I informed her what actually happened and why he was fired.

Now.. There are some things I needed to leave out of this story to protect Robert from any legal issues but I want to end this with … Its one thing to not like your employee on a personal level . Robert has a personality that can be hard to relate to for some people. We are a loving group of sailors so I think he was more comfortable around us generally. But I have had to work with people I don’t like… People with great customer service skills.. Its one thing to emotionally distance yourself from those people but to act out so emotionally and strip this mans retirement plan right out from underneath him, to pay him absolute SHIT money and he still works from 8 am to midnight most nights. They paid him like shit because he was living on the property, and he had a cash investment into the place that they never documented so this is why we will NEVER be returning. In a heart beat they stipped this man from his job, his home, his retirement plan, paid him like shit , treated him like shit, have no respect for their guests, and attempted to slash his reputation just because they couldn’t bully him into a hole of panic and depression. The last week we were there , none of the owners cleaned the bathrooms, handled the trash, or turned on the dock lights on or off depending on the time. What we did see on a funnier note is the owner not knowing that the lender vehicle key that they forgot the grabbed was the key that they discussed now knowing what it goes too and voted throwing it away. So If you are reading this and you were wondering where the spare keys went? Carol threw them away.

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