YAHOO MOBILE –The lack of phone service

Hey there folks. So Im guessing you are here because you have an interest in the Yahoo Mobile plan. Sure it sounds like a dream come true! No contract , unlimited everything for $40 a month. For travelors like myself this is a deam however,here is my experience with Yahoo Mobile.


I live on a sailboat and a few days ago my husband and my phone decided to call the quits. We didn’t want to be in a contract because this time next year we won’t have service and we don’t want to waste the money.. So the yahoo mobil plan seemed like the perfect solution to our problems.

The phone prices are great, and the package is reasonable for 2 people who are often in and out of cell service. It is linked with Verizon so we didn’t think we would have issues with service as we traveled.

Well, let me tell you about the headache that is yahoo Mobile.

For starters you can not use the same email or even the same card to buy two plans and phones.

I wanted to keep my old number and my phone is fried but in order to do so I need to do a text verification , No email option available.

Well considering my phone was toast that was not going to be doable. Unfortunately ( not related to covid ) they don’t have any customer service available. You can get on a chat help but the messenger often quits and then you have to wait again and explain again the situation.. After 2 hours I was able to get passed this process for both of the phone lines. And then at the end of the payment process you have to text verification AGAIN to process the transaction. Well, once again im in the chat and they are useless and have no power on resolving this issue so I have to call the bank. Well, I have no phone line to do so …. So I found a marina friend to help me out and I was able to get both phone lines cleared. It took me 4 hours yesterday to get these phones ordered..

So the big issue is that I mainly live off the hook and needed to pull into a marina for an engine issue that needed to be resolved.. So I had an address to ship things to for 5 days… but Saturday and Sunday no longer do shipping because of covid. Coming this Monday I will be leaving the marina and thursday was the day I put the order in..

Friday morning I check me email and see that BOTH of the plans were not being sent out because the payment didn’t go through..

My bank accounts were fine, No holds, plenty of cash flow. So once again I jump on the yahoo chat and try to resolve this issue ASAP. The representative told me it didn’t go through and the only way to resolve this quickly is to re order but instead use paypal.. and that I had till 3 oclock to get the order in today.. Well I have 1 paypal account and they dont allow two orders under the same withdraw.. so after creating another Pay pal and attempting to reorder these phones I then cant order the new phones because the emails and phone numbers I want are already in a pending account… I begged to speak with someone and i was put on a 1 hour call back for 3 hours… No one ever called yet I would receive and email saying they tried to reach me..

Keep in mind I have now kept a strangers phone in my possession hostage for a very long time. No phone calls.

This all happened around 10 am this morning. It is now 3 pm and they are still running around me with their arms in the air asking the same questions without any resolutions.

They keep asking me to verify my email every… idk 20 minutes I do it, they send an email to verify and the button the says “ITS ME” leads you to a broken webpage , Yet they get verified on their end, and then they tell me that someone will be getting a hold of me soon.

The biggest frustration of this all is that im left with no options here and no phone. This service is a lie and they need to be recognized for it.

Shame on you yahoo Mobile , No wonder why people lean more towards google.

I highly suggest you don’t go through the 6 hour runaround like I did.

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